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Wynne's Dahlias

We Grow Dahlia's Big!

Latest news & information for Wynne's Dahlia

Wynne's Dahlias is located in the top corner of the beautiful Pacific Northwest . We are in the Pacific Time Zone- so if you call us please call between 9:00am & 8:00pm Pacific Time-- thanks!


2013 Dahlia Price List is updated & ready for orders!

Tubers go fast so the earlier you place your order the better chance you have of getting what you want before they sell out!!

Happy Ordering!!

Wyn's Eeekk! makes it's catalog debut!! 

 Update April 10--

As of April 10 we have 106 new Wynne's Dahlias seedlings!

Update April 8- Cory planted the flats of seeds last weekend- March 31. So far we have 66 new Wynne Dahlia babies!!  

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Wynne's Dahlias 2012 Dahlia Price List & Tubers For Sale is up & ready for orders!! Get your orders in quick, these tubers go fast!! We have 6 gorgeous new introductions at the top of the price list! Be sure to check them out!!

This summer Jen & Angela from Gardens Alive came to Wynne's Dahlias. They took our "Hildy" for a spin in the garden :-)

May 17, 2011- a few pictures of how Cory does cuttings in sand & water.

4/13- From Seed to Dahlia Album--another 20 yard load of manure goes on the dahlia gardens

2/27 NEW PHOTO ALBUM!!! No, it's not dahlias-- see what kept Walt & David busy this winter -- Restoring the AC Tractor! --

4/9-- Restoring a fog horn off of an oil tanker --2 pictures in the tractor album--

Wynne's Dahlias featured in Bellingham Alive Magazine Aug/Sept 2010

Wonderful write up in the Vancouver Dahlia Society 

Bulletin March - April 2010

written by Betty Girard

A funny thing happened on the way home from a dahlia show.....

Last summer, many VDS members had the pleasure of attending the ADS national

show in Snohomish. It was a dahlia packed weekend, and many members attended

the tours, seminars and luncheon and banquet as well as the show.

But as often happens, one of the highlights of the weekend wasn't planned at all. While

I was judging on Saturday morning, my husband Frank and Walt Wynne struck up a

conversation outside the show hall. As they chatted about their gardens, Walt generously

invited us to stop at the Wynne garden on our way home.

I have had the pleasure of seeing their garden before, but my husband had no idea

that the humble man he was talking with tends to one of the most talked about dahlia

gardens in the world, with over 6500 plants growing in a tucked away corner of Ferndale

with awesome views of Mount Baker from every row. Are you sure about us visiting?

I asked Cory – after all they had just hosted busloads of guests as part of the ADS


I deliberately kept the magnitude and beauty of this garden a secret from my husband

so that I could watch his jaw drop as we walked down the little lane to the dahlia patch.

And jaw-dropping it was. He was speechless as he surveyed the garden. The entire

garden has only large and giant dahlias with rows of Wynne introductions, seed parents,

and seedlings. As I tripped from row to row looking to see what future introductions

are coming – Frank just stood still and speechless. I don't think he will ever say

my 80 plants or so are too many again!

Of course I wanted them all, but I was particularly drawn to a 2010 introduction called

Wyn's Sleepyhead (A ID Y). This dahlia got its name because of its habit of going to

“sleep” at dusk. Some dahlias will do this; the petals curl up and the flower gets smaller

at dusk, only to open back up even better the next day. As interesting as the flowers

were, we were also asking lots of questions about the irrigation system in the garden.

Walt has this down to a science, with rows of T tape irrigating each row from a series

of stopcocks at the beginning of the garden. Cory says people are always amazed that

they care for the entire garden without any outside help, and it is ingenious systems

such as the irrigation that help them out.

The VDS annual show will be showcasing the Wynne introductions as the Challenge

Flower for 2010 is any Wynne introduction. You know which ones they are by the prefix

“Wyn's”. If you haven't had the pleasure of growing a Wynne dahlia, consider picking

one up at the tuber sale. You won't be disappointed!

Betty Girard

August 14, 2009. Some pictures of the Duke Blueberries here on Wynne Farm- added at the end of the Family & Fun album. The ADS tour folks will be eating them frozen on Aug. 20 when they come to Wynne Farm!

July 2, 2009. I added some pictures of spring planting at Wynne's Dahlias in the Seed to Dahlia Album. See the huge manure spreader truck, getting the gardens ready to plant & planting tubers in the Big Garden. Also- see our weed control method at Wynne's Dahlias!

Added to the Fun & Family album- pictures of Nicole & her first car & Kyle's Graduation from High School. He had a huge bonfire in celebration! 

 *Wynne's Dahlias now has Gift Certificates available!!*

Just email us at [email protected] with the dollar amount & necessary info. We can mail it out to you directly or the person you are buying it for.

*Add yourself to our catalog mailing list*

email [email protected] with your information & we will add you to our yearly mailing.

**Helpful information for people who will be entering new introductions in dahlia shows**

How do I enter a dalia in a show that is not in 

the classification book?

We get asked this question all the time. In some shows the judges will just set back an entry if they can't find it in the Classification Book- or in the Composite Listing. To be sure your entry is judged all you have to do is, before the show, have a Senior Judge classify it for you & put their initials in the top corner of the entry card. You can fill out your entry card with the information supplied from the seller of the dahlia & the judge just has to make sure it's all correct. If the Senior Judge doesn't agree with the classification then you'll have to get the form on page 95/96 of your Classification Book (2008 book) filled out. The day before the show is a better time than the day of the show to get the form filled out. Once you have the form in hand for a particular dahlia, make copies of it to take to other shows so that all you have to do at other shows is give the form to a Senior Judge so they can initial your entry card. The completion of the form especially aids the person who records blue ribbons & higher & the Classification chair who records all of the information for the annual classification book.

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